Vaccinations before going to Guatemala


  • MMR – You should make sure that you have had at least 2 doses=> THIS IS IMPORTANT!
  • Tetanus – You should update every 10 years; if you have not had a Td in the past 5 years and have never had a TDaP then I would consider doing that before we go.
  • Polio – You should have completed the 4 dose series.
  • Hepatitis A – You should have the 2 vaccine series – first one gives some immunity; second one 6 months later (This is the hepatitis that you get from food.) It’s ok if the series is not complete before travel.
  • Hepatitis B – You should have 3 vaccine series – one now, then in a month, then in 6 months (This is the hepatitis that you get from blood and body fluids.) It’s ok if the series is not complete before travel.


  • Typhoid (water-borne) – You can get the the pills – 4 doses – one every other day – to be completed a week before arrival OR the shot (one 2 weeks before exposure and every 2 years) or Info at
    Note: COSTCO has the pills available for $12 (rumor as of April 2013)


  • Malaria (mosquito-borne) –

Chloroquine – 500 mg. One pill by mouth weekly starting one week before and continuing for 4 weeks after travel. Take on a full stomach. (Total 6 pills for one week trip /7 for 2 weeks)

– Or –

Doxycycline – 100mg, One pill by mouth daily starting 1-2 days before travel.

Insect repellant – 30-50% DEET – The higher strength lasts longer between applications, but is no more effective. (see below for more on mosquitos)

The vaccines above can be obtained from a travel clinic or pharmacy; not just your doctor. If you need a prescription for the chloroquine, Jennifer or Teresa can provide this.

Call with questions at 206-200-2418. Thanks, Jennifer


Note:  The CDC website ( is recommended for getting a complete list of your required vaccinations.