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Carri Singer

Volunteer Coordinator

After teaching high school English and raising her family, Carri became North American Tour Operations manager for a photo safari and nature tour company, organizing tours to remote natural areas of the continent. Now retired, she enjoys … Read More

Sean Murphy

IT Manager

Sean Murphy has 10 years of Engineering Management experience at Boeing, where he is currently Chief Engineer for development of a airborne electronics software project. Sean has a degree in Electrical Engineering. Sean served on the board … Read More

Diana Orellana

Board Member / Cultural Liaison

Diana Orellano is a native Guatemalan who was raised as a child in Guatemala.   Diana is serves as the cultural ambassador to the board to ensure alignment of strategic policies and objectives with the different regional cultures within … Read More

Alice Lobenstein

Board Member

Alice Lobenstein received her RN degree from the University of Colorado and MSN from the University of Washington. She most recently was an Assistant Nursing Superivisor with Public Health’s medical services for the King County jail … Read More

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Carol Stanley, MD


Carol has been on several trips and is helping us create training materials for our staff here and in Guatemala. … Read More

Nicole Mesick, BSN

Board Member

Nicole has traveled on medical missions with GVH on multiple trips and has been a valuable and dedicated player in our organization for since her first trip.  Nicole also volunteers as trip manager while she manages her full time career … Read More

Kelsey Mesher


Kelsey is a communications coordinator for Guatemala Village Health as a part time volunteer.  She also works as associate publisher at Travelzoo, and has past experience with the Asian American Giving Council, as a volunteer for the … Read More