From the Journal of Dr. Teresa Wallace, co-founder, for Day 6 of trip during November 2014:


It rained and thundered all night long and was not going to let up.  So we put on our rain gear and bundled up for the trip to Baltimore, a new village on the coast.   This is a village of 65 houses.  Each house has it’s own composting toilet!  The toilets were put in as part of a community project sponsored by the government.   They have running water from a local spring.  The kids run around without shoes and the animals are not contained by fencing.

Journal 1


 After being tossed around on the sea for awhile and getting lost while trying to find the village we finally arrived and made our way to set up clinic.

Journal 2

The villagers were waiting for us at their community center:

Journal 3

It was here, in this village that GVH has never visited, that I really realized the value of the programs that have been started.

The kids all had big bellies full of worms because they had never been treated for parasites and never wore shoes.  Many more of the kids had anemia – which is a result of the parasites.

None of the pregnant women were on prenatal vitamins.

As part of clinic, we gave the kids Albendazole and started pregnant women on prenatal vitamins.

journal 4

Our driver, Chris, along with a local woman, pitched in to help us give the kids Albendazole and vitamin A.

Giving a nebulizer treatment to a young girl with asthma:

journal 5

We saw 56 people before we had to head out to get back before dark set in.